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Beneath the streets of London lie the tunnels of the world's oldest underground railway. But there is more in the darkness than just train tracks. Amidst the densely packed bones of the ancient plague pits are other lines, pathways to another world where other men live amongst the strange beasts which have become part of our folklore. And these other men have magic. Led by a malevolent king atop a mysterious throne how long before these sorcerers reveal themselves? It's all just a matter of time.

With the sudden death of his grandfather Sam finds himself as the new owner of the ghostly house where he grew up. But it is not long before Sam finds himself running for his life with allies from another world, persecuted for a power he doesn't even possess. Persuaded to stage the desperate rescue of a man who holds an unbelievable secret Sam's quest takes him to London and on to America and Russia. Soon the truth behind the most enduring myths and legends of men is revealed and, as Sam discovers, sometimes the truth is far scarier than fiction. If the past can be affected then who can tell what the future might hold?

'The Circle Line' is the spellbinding first part of 'The Complex Throne'.

The forthcoming end of the world will be hastened by the construction of underground railways burrowing into infernal regions and thereby disturbing the Devil." John Cumming, 1860.

The Blood Line kindle cover

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