About Ben

Ben Yallop grew up in the 'haunted' house in the English county of Kent where the opening chapters of ‘The Circle Line’ are set. It was there that a ticklish fascination with the paranormal first began to creep in. After three years of philosophising at the University of Leeds (including studies in time-travel) and then various stints of international backpacking (and further encounters of the spooky kind) Ben settled down into the occasionally bizarre but wonderful world of the UK Civil Service. Initially donning wig and gown as a clerk of the Crown Court he now works as something of an adviser to the senior judiciary at the Royal Courts of Justice in London, making the occasional visit to warmer climes to further justice overseas.

Ben is also a Magistrate and a black-belt in tae-kwon-do (although those two things are not directly related) and when he's not writing or working or spending time with his family he is probably to be found running somewhere.

Ben lives with his wife and three children in Farnham, Surrey and can often be seen tapping away on his laptop about myths and monsters on the commute to Waterloo. Do say hello.

Ben Yallop